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MS Office Outlook Email Setup

Office Outllook Email Setup

  1. Open Office Outlook email application.
  2. Select Tools->Email Accounts to open the "Email Accounts" dialog windows.
  3. In "Email Accounts" wizard windows select "Add a new email account".
  4. Next - "Server Type", select POP3
  5. Next - do the following in "Internet Email Setting (POP3)":
  • Your Name, type your name e.g. John Smith
  • Email Address, type your email address e.g. johnsmith@domain.com
  • User Name: type your email name e.g. johnsmith@domain.com so johnsmith is your email name.
  • Email Address: type your email address e.g. johnsmith@domain.com.
  • Password: type in your password, please make sure no space before and after the password. (type slowly and correctly). Select/Check "Remember password".
  • Incoming mail server (POP3): type in incoming mail Server name e.g. mail.domain.com
  • Outgoign mail server (SMTP): type in outcoming mail Server name e.g. mail.domain.com

Please do these steps to change SMTP port number:

  1. Still in - "Internet Email Setting (POP3)", Select "More Setting" to open the "Internet Email Setting".
  2. In "Internet E-mail Settings" dialog window select "Outgoing Server" tab
  3. Select "My outgoing server (SMTP) require authentication"
  4. Make sure "Use same settings as my incoming mail server" is checked
  5. Select "Advanced" Tab
  6. Look for the box with the number '25' correspond to 'Outgoing server (SMTP)'
  7. Change 25 to 587. Click 'apply' and 'ok' to save the change.
  8. Back in "Internet Email Setting (POP3)" select Next to finish the setup.


  • Please ensure your computer network firewall is not blocking port 587 for sending email.
  • Please ensure your personal firewall in your computer is not blocking port 587 for sending email.
  • if you are not sure about the firewall ignore this.

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