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Datacenter Network and Server update

11/09/2018 21:20

We are in the upgrading Datacenter update on network and the server.

From 11-Sep-2018 to 22-Sep-2018 is the desinated period for this schedule maintenance.

This maintenance is...

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Spam Control main email system has been upgraded

11/09/2015 05:54

Spam Control system has be upgraded as new spam pattern and windows server that did not got patch has been sending a lot of spam to our network. With the upgraded system we should be able to...

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Spam and Anti-virus sub system has been upgraded

25/04/2014 10:28

Sorry for the down time.

An urgent upgrade patch was required to fix the spam and anti-virus system on the server. This cause temporary email down time.

As of this announcement...

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Network Upgrade Schedule tonight 11pm to 12am 12-Mar-2013

12/03/2013 21:49

Please note that there is a Network Upgrade Schedule tonight 11pm to 12am 12-Mar-2013.

Some domain may be effected in this process and server will not be able to access during this...

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Server Hardware and Software upgrade

09/03/2013 22:59

We want to thanks all the customer who have bear with us for the past todays when our Hardware and Software was upgraded.

We would like to report that the upgrade has been...

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Support and Billing System is now upgraded.

27/08/2012 21:59

Our support and billing system is now upgraded and service will resume back to normal.

Billing System is in the process of being upgraded

23/08/2012 13:07

Our billing system is in the process of being upgraded.

Network Issue Singapore, 20 Jan 2012

20/01/2012 10:03

Our Datacenter Technical is resolving a network issue, that was discovered around 8pm Singapore time. Some domain in Singapore is effected by this issue and experience slow reading and sending...

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Happy New Year (2012)

30/12/2011 20:07

Happy New Year (2012)

Have a...

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Data Center Network Upgrade.

23/04/2010 10:17

Our Data Center is in the process of upgrading their network.
The purpose of the is upgrade is to improve our network connectivity.

The network upgrade will take place on 23rd Apr...

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